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Say goodbye to aches and pains with our all-in-one compact device

This on-the-go device will transform your body in just a few days

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They’re selling 2,000 a week and shoppers are hailing the new Vibit as ‘the best thing they ever bought.

Kasey Caminiti | Updated 84 days ago

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How Does It Work?

The body's muscular system

The body's muscular system

functions as a result of connective tissue that provides a network of support and structure for the body: the fascia.

The fascia in our bodies determines

The fascia in our bodies determines

how we move, our perception of pain, our posture and the overall functionality of our muscular system.

The application of pressure & vibration stimulates

The application of pressure & vibration stimulates

the nervous system causing an inhibitory effect on the muscle spindles, allowing for better tissue flexibility, translating to pain relief, muscle recovery and mobility.

We Care About You


Paying hundreds of dollars for treatment isn't a vibe. We deliver pain relief for everyone, at a fraction of the price.


It doesn't matter if you're in the gym, office or at home, our compact design means you can take your vibit everywhere.

All The Time

Up to 1 in 3 people with bodily pain experience high levels of mental stress. Feel your best and be the best.


Unsure about Vibit? We've got your back, front and just about everywhere. Take advantage of our 30 day risk free trial today.

Real People, Real Reviews

“I love the size of the Vibit, I can take it everywhere! Compact but powerful, it has been a game changer for my recovery and warmup.”



“Great at getting into hard to reach sources of tension. A great tool for an active person”


Boxing World Champion

“My favourite daily recovery tool! Not kidding - this little gadget vibrates and rolls at the same time… bloody amazing!”


Personal Trainer

“Compact, powerful and the perfect little tool to take with you for on the go recovery! I’ve been using the Vibit recently to assist with my recovery and it’s been a game changer!”


LKSD Athlete & Fitstop Coach

“Recovery arvos call for triggering with the Vibit!”


United Statesn Olympic Swimmer

“The Vibit has been the biggest help allowing me to feel fully recovered and taking away any pain that I have + it’s the perfect size to take travelling with me! ”


Pro Race Car Driver

“It’s a solid unit that’s for sure! This little weapon is perfect for getting into those spots that need a little more pressure or weight than you can get with a typical massage gun.”


Gym Owner & Performance Athlete

“Good vibes only! This easily portable little roller is now a staple in my swim bag.”


United Statesn Olympic Swimmer

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